A Full-Service Immigration And Naturalization Lawyer

If you are immigrating to the United States, the legal process may feel overwhelming. Working with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services is intimidating and you might feel unsure about your next steps. If you are having trouble with paperwork or are facing a pressing immigration matter, we can help. The Law Offices of K. P. Dwight is a Berkeley law firm that represents clients with every step of their immigration case. Attorney Katherine P. Dwight has over a decade of legal experience and works with clients across the Bay Area.

Cost-Effective Representation For Immigration Challenges

Attorney Katherine P. Dwight assists clients with many immigration challenges, including visas, naturalization and asylum applications. Ms. Dwight is a knowledgeable immigration lawyer who can represent cases at both the state and federal level. She can help clients residing in the United States as well as those who currently live in different countries. Ms. Dwight also practices immigration criminal defense and has extensive experience obtaining post-conviction relief for her clients.

The Law Offices of K. P. Dwight represents clients who have faced persecution and extreme hardship in their home country. We have helped victims of criminal activity, such as human trafficking, apply for visas and residency. Our lawyer has assisted immigrants with their U-visas, T-visas and other visas related to the Violence Against Women Act. She has also guided asylees through the affirmative asylum process.

Immigration Information For These Challenging Times

The current political atmosphere of the United States has created a culture of hostility toward immigrants. It is important to remember that the rights provided by the U.S. Constitution apply to immigrants. Immigrants may decline to answer any questions of a federal (ICE) agent pursuant to the Fifth Amendment of the Constitution. Likewise, under the Fourth Amendment, immigrants can refuse to allow federal agents to enter their homes unless the agents have a valid warrant with the immigrant's name on it and signed by a judge. If you have a criminal conviction, recent changes to California laws may allow your charge to be vacated to avoid immigration consequences. The laws around immigration are changing and if you have questions about your case please reach out to our office.

Attorney Katherine P. Dwight enjoys working with clients of all income levels and nationalities. Ms. Dwight offers free consultations so she can thoroughly understand her client's case. Schedule your evaluation with by calling 510-666-0801 or sending us a private message.