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The Law Offices of K. P. Dwight has represented immigration clients for over a decade. We can help immigrants overcome their legal obstacles.

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Effective Legal Advice For Bay Area Immigrants

For those who may have challenges making payments, we offer a sliding scale based on income and payment plans. We accept cash, check, and credit card. We also offer appointments on weekendsfor those who can't leave work during the week.

We offer many types of immigration services, including:

  • Affirmative asylum
  • U and T visas for victims of trafficking or serious crimes
  • Naturalization and permanent residency applications
  • Waivers for hardship or criminal charges
  • Applications for changes in immigration status
  • Board of Immigration and Ninth Circuit Court appeals
  • Replacing lost green cards
  • Family visas for spouses and children

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Attorney Katherine P. Dwight enjoys working with clients, putting them at ease while guiding them through their immigration difficulties. She effectively represents her clients from the start to the finish of their cases. Her first priority at all times is to obtain the best possible outcome.

Immigrants Can Vacate Their Criminal Convictions

A criminal conviction not only carries fines and possible jail time but can also have immigration consequences. Our attorney has a thorough understanding of California criminal law and its consequences for immigrants. On September 28, 2016, Governor Jerry Brown signed into law Penal Code section 1473.7 that allows immigrants to challenge their convictions if they were not given proper immigration advice by their trial attorneys. With legal advocacy, tens of thousands of immigrants may benefit from this new law, even some who have tried in the past to vacate their convictions and were denied.

Another new law, commonly known as Proposition 47, turned many crimes that were previously felonies into misdemeanors. With our help, those affected can have their previous convictions reduced to misdemeanors resulting in important immigration benefits.

Also, for those who received Deferred Entry of Judgment for a drug charge and completed treatment as required by the judge, immigration consequences can be eliminated by filing a motion under section 1203.43.  Other remedies may be available for your particular issue.

This is a complicated area of law.  You need an attorney trained in immigration consequences of criminal convictions.  Katherine P. Dwight has learned from the best lawyers in the state.  She can help immigrants vacate their convictions and reduce their sentences. She is a committed and caring advocate that clients can trust to get the job done.

An Accomplished Immigration Attorney For Unprecedented Times

Immigrants are facing extraordinary opposition from the federal government and may rightfully feel anxious about their future. Attorney Katherine P. Dwight is an ally for her clients who uses the full extent of the law to defend immigrants.

The Law Offices of K.P. Dwight is a legal resource for people of all nationalities and as long as you have a family member or friend that can help us communicate, we can represent you if English is not your first language. Se habla español. Set up your free consultation with our lawyer by calling 510-666-0801 or sending us an email.


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